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Trend watch: 3 wallpaper trends for 2018

by Photowall

Finally, the days are getting brighter and new interior design trends are emerging! As we leave winter and darkness behind us, it is time to start something new, such as redecorating our homes.

Great trend day introduced by Trendstefan

by Photowall

Photowall kicked off the new year with a large dose of inspiration at Great trend day, a major design trend event organised by Trendstefan on 10 January in Stockholm. Trendstefan unveiled the five major trends we will see a lot of in 2017 – the year of colour.

4 interior trends to channel in 2017

by Photowall

It’s hard to imagine anything could top the lush tropic patterns and archetypal seventies swatches that took the design world by storm in 2016. But since leading color experts Pantone announced ‘Greenery’ as Colour of the Year 2017, we’re expecting even stronger vibrancy in this year’s interior trends.

Five must-have fashion week trends & how to add these into your home

by Photowall

Fashion season is back in full swing, and we’ve seen a shift in silhouettes and a palpable shakeup in patterns and color. From contemporary catwalks at Fashion Week, fresh into the walls and accessories of your home – here we explore how you can use these trends to help inspire a fashion-led switch up in your home.

Samba-inspired design trends for your home

by Photowall

The eyes of the world are on Rio de Janeiro as the Brazilian city steps up to host the 2016 games. There’s hardly a better time to take a slice of the country’s renowned carnival atmosphere and incorporate it into our interior design. From tropical wallpaper canvas prints and bold up-scaled geometrics to natural materials like jute, bamboo and wicker, we look at how you can take your interior to the tropics with a few simple tweaks and additions:

Vincent van Gogh wall mural

by Photowall

Classic art has always amazed and inspired us. Here on Photowall we take it a little bit further and wallpaper our walls with one of our favourite artists - Vincent van Gogh. A perfect wallpaper to inspire you all day in your studio, or maybe to make your livingroom to something extra ordinary. Almond Blossom is one of our favourite motifs out of Vincent van Goghs collection, and is available as both wall mural and canvas print.

Enchanting interior ideas for your home

by Photowall

This month marks the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass, giving us a welcome reminder of the beauty behind our most-loved children’s books. With its memorable characters and ultra-creative plot, the famous Alice in Wonderland tale is cherished as one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written.

Weddings – with blogger Anja Forsnor

by Photowall

The wedding season is in full swing. Here at the wallpaper factory, we decorate a wedding reception and talk wedding tips with Swedish blogger and bride-to-be Anja Forsnor.

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