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Horses have been around since prehistoric times and they have achieved a status unlike any other animal. From Pegasus, the mythical winged horse of ancient Greece, to Comanche, the onRead morely survivor of General Custer’s doomed Seventh Cavalry at Little Big Horn, horses have been heroes, legends and companions throughout recorded history. They are the embodiment of grace, power and beauty in many people’s minds. Bring some of that wild beauty into your home with wall murals from our horse-themed collection.

Speed. Grace. Power.

There’s nothing quite like a team of horses galloping along. A hundred years ago, the American plains were home to mustang populations that numbered in the hundreds; they wandered free and could set the ground shaking with their pounding hooves. The wild mustangs may be gone, but you can still evoke the echoes of that thunder in your home with a wall mural featuring horses who personify grace as they run.

Indulge a fantasy

Pegasus was not the only mythical horse. A popular favorite even today is the unicorn, the single-horned horse featured in so many legends from so many different cultures that some people believe they may have actually existed. Attributed with the powers to cleanse poisons and cure illness, the unicorn is a symbol of purity and of a more innocent, bygone era. Brighten up your day-to-day surroundings with wallpapers featuring these fabled creatures.

The epitome of art

Animators and artists alike agree that, of all the subjects in the world, the horse is the most difficult to capture. The animal’s lines are deceptively simple, for if even an inch is off, the very grace and power that is the essence of what we mean by the word “horse” will be lost – never to return. Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor in history, is rumored to have cried whenever he had to sculpt a horse. Why not decorate your home with a wallpaper featuring one of the most difficult-to-render, yet loveliest, subjects in the world? Whether you are looking for an oil painting style or something more modern piece, you are sure to find something in our selection of horse-themed wallpapers.


Horses are surprisingly gentle for such powerful creatures and there’s a sense of peace in horse images that is hard to find anywhere else. Soothe your senses with a wall mural of tranquil horses drinking at a lake or of horses socializing amongst themselves. These gentle giants will bring a touch of peace to any room.
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